Pure Advice for Small Business Owners
Small Business Value Growth, Business Finance, Exit Planning,
& Total Wealth Advisory

Proudly Serving Southern Illinois and the Surrounding 6 State Heartland,
with Virtual Based Clients Across 5 Time Zones.

We are Professional Planners, who offer Advice Partnerships.
It is the only thing we do, the only thing we sell. 

That Partnership includes a wide spectrum of Financial Advice, Planning, Coaching, Counseling, and Business Consulting.

but perhaps more importantly, it includes; friendly collaboration, compassion, and clarity.  

We do not sell products.
We do not "gather assets".
We do not have a minimum AUM.
We do not throw advice at you.
We do not talk down to you.
We know you are not stupid.

People come first. Always.
Then our Profession, Purpose, Philosophy, and Planning Process. 

Only then, do we help you find the right financial products... IF you even need them.

Pure Unfiltered Advice Powered by real, Integrative Financial Planning

We believe financial advice should be as unbiased and free from conflicts of interest as possible. So we set out fees based on value creation, cost, complexity, and context... not on how rich or how much of a bind you are in.

We are professionals selling Expertise, not industry salespeople selling products.
So, there is no AUM, commissions, referral fees, or any other incentive for our Advisors to be an industry salesperson.

Written Advice, Visualized on Paper.
Unlike firms pretending to be financial planners or business advisors, we are proud to put our advice and thinking on paper. We want others to see our work, so that we can raise the bar in our industry.

We are 100% Fiduciary, 100% of the time acting in the clients best interest, in 100% of our relationships. Our Fiduciary Oath is signed to you, in wet ink. 

Our fees are clear and simple.
While sometimes that makes it look like we are more expensive, trust and transparency are values we live, not just talk about. We would rather spend more time explaining our value, so that you can understand our goal to create 10X more Value than what we have to charge. 

Professional Advice

So that you have an expert guide to help you get there faster, and safer.

Tailored Planning

So that you can be confident about your next steps.

Wide-scope Analytics

So that nothing dangerous falls through the cracks and ends up biting you later.

Proper Context Mentoring

So that your guidance is deeply relevant to your position & changing landscape.

Areas of Practice Expertise

Real Valuations of Enterprise Value

The standard "valuation" (Synthetic Market Price) of your business is only loosely connected to the value of your business.
A granular diagnostic of intrinsic value is what you need to improve, grow, buy, or sell your business. 

Advanced Strategy 

Strategy is not a form of Planning.
It is a Coherent Doable Outcome

Theory about which game to play, on what field, in order to win.
Tic-Tac-Toe, 9x9, Checkers, Chess, and GO are all played on a similar board. 

Professional Business Planning

When we talk about planning, we are not talking about the dusty 3 ring binder on the top shelf that you used to borrow money.  We are talking about a process of clarity, preserved decision-making, and continuous improvement.

Business Exit Planning

Being Exit Ready gives you the freedom to stay or go, on your terms.
It is not only about a specific transaction, or the legal entity transfer. It about decentralizing the owner, operator, and key employees and  leadership succession to make your business more transferable, thus more valuable.

Business Portfolio Analysis 

Do you want hundreds of pages or a few visual page that shows you exactly how your modules are performing, how your plans are synchronized?
We work hard to give you less. We design and edit for more clarity, transparency, and confidence.

Total Wealth Advice

If your investment broker can't advise on Crypto, Alternative Assets, Timber, Farms, or your Business... Then you may need to upgrade to a professional financial planner. 

Advance Education Moves

If you do not understood which schools are the best total fit for your students  (Socially, Academically, Financially, and Ethically) then you may need a little help.

Family Office Design

Sick of paying absorbent fees to RIAs pretending to be multi family offices?  Wish you could actually get the things you want done, and protect your family, not just your estate assets? 

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